Monday, December 14, 2009

Tips on Employee Relocation

Relocating an entire office will involve a lot of planning. If employees are also to be relocated, you will have to organize the relocation of all hundreds of employees smoothly with the appropriate preparations.

First of all, the employees are to be kept informed about the relocation proceedings from the start. Communicating the relocation plan within the timeline will remove all anxiety and annoyance on the employees’ part. You must always tell your employees why the move is taking place. You must make sure that you provide a complete breakdown of the happenings and how it will relate to them. Getting the phone system ready at the new place at the earliest is very essential to plan many training sessions for employees before they move in. If the new location is in a different area, you may have to provide a list of eateries, garages and bus or train stops to the employees. Before you move to your new location, it is advisable to schedule meetings to clear all employee queries. A floor plan of the office must be delivered to all employees to make them familiar with the new place.

Inform all employees to pack their offices. Provide them with packing boxes and tapes and also instruct them how to mark their boxes. Following a particular pattern of marking will avoid confusions while delivering the boxes to their owners in the new building. Also make sure all unwanted supplies are to be dumped off in proper places so that vacating the current building will be easy.

Employees who have lots of things to pack will need additional help. Provide volunteers to help employees pack. Make sure all furniture and computer equipment are properly marked to get them in their right place at the new office. To make the relocation process hassle free, hire reliable movers or relocation service providers. They will ensure safety of all goods and will not let all your planning go waste.

It is the duty of the managers to monitor the floors before, during and after the move. Constantly contacting the employees to know about any possible discrepancies will help solve problems before the situation worsens. Delivery errors may happen. In such cases, it is appropriate to have a separate area on the new building to deliver and collect wrongly delivered goods.

Always remember after unpacking, a lot of waste materials and numerous empty packing boxes are to be returned. Make arrangements for proper dispose of waste and designate a particular area where all the empty boxes can be returned.

Problems may arise when employees use the new phone system. Ensure that experienced personnel from the phone system company are present to train employees on troubleshooting the problems.

Your relocation plan would be a success only because of the employees’

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