Thursday, December 10, 2009

Relocation Laws

In the socio-economic conditions of today’s world, relocation has become very common. With many relocating service providers offering effective services in all stages of relocation, relocating out of state or out of country is no longer viewed upon as a burden.

The process of relocation involves a number of legal issues to be considered. The legal necessities in the US vary between states. The relocation service providers also take care of all the legal issues regarding your home. However, relocation turns out to be a legal action when parents wish to relocate their children, especially when the parents of the children are not together. Relocating, such children will involve a change in the environment of growth, studies and may not be in the best interest of the children with regard to their mental and physical growth.

Negotiations between ex-spouses can bring out some compromises like allowing the custodial parent to relocate while still keeping in mind that the non custodial parent will get quality time with the children.

The state’s family law requires any custodial parent relocating their children must provide prior notice to the non custodial parents of relocation. The notice must include the relocation date and place. This notice provides the non custodial parent, the benefit of preventing relocation if the move is not on children’s best interests.

Although the custodial parent has the right to change the children’s residence, the non custodial parent can get a court order to block the relocation. Also, the court can stop the relocation if the children share a very involved relationship with the non custodial parent and the move may cause harm. The custodial parent will have to prove to the court that this move will not hamper the children’s interest.

Unlike the non custodial parent who has the initial burden of proving that the children’s relocation is not in the best interests of them, the relocating parent need not only prove that the move is necessary, but must also demonstrate a good reason for the move. However, it is the non custodial parent’s responsibility to find out if the relocation is in the children’s interests. With so many complications and critical laws involved in relocating children, many relocating parents are seeking the advice of qualified lawyers.

In view of these relocation laws, people are now approaching real estate agencies to help them relocate to areas within or close by the original locality. This is an effort from separated parents to avoid legal issues and also keep their children close to the custodial and non custodial parent.

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