Monday, December 7, 2009

Global Relocation

Mac was required to relocate to Sacramento from UKon work. Global relocation was something Mac was not prepared for. That meant setting up a new life in an alien city of a different country. That involved a lot of work, both mental and physical. His company took care of the visa paper work of his family and other legal issues. They would arrange for his temporary settlement but it was his responsibility to find a home that suited his family. With the tension of moving his family to a different country he also had to find a home!! A friend advised Mac to visit a real estate agent and see if they could help. Mac was surprised with what he found.

After consulting a few agents Mac finally settled with an agent who had the best deal for him in global relocation. This agent offered him a complete relocation package. The package involved finding a new home in Sacramento, selling his house back home and all paper work completed before he flew to Sacramento. Now that was something more than what Mac had hoped for!

The real estate agent whom Mac contacted was very effective with his work. The real estate agent’s blog had his client network sing praises for his work on global relocation. In the era of internet, the agent had made the best of technology in his business. With an attractive website and SEO techniques in internet marketing the agent had a global reach. But how could Mac select a home from here without even having a look at it? Websites have pictures and videos incorporated to give you a better view of the property. This helped Mac to select a home that best suited his family. Mac also got the best deal on the house in his origin city. All paper work was handled by the agent.

The global relocation package had another surprise for Mac-
School admission for his kids. The agents not only had all the formalities completed but also the process of packing, moving and unpacking was also taken care of. That left Mac tension free and gave him a lot of time to concentrate on other important works. All this was offered to Mac at very reasonable and affordable rates. A happy and tension free Mac travelled to Sacramento and settled into his new home.

There are a number of real estate firms dealing with global relocation. Relocation packages are offered as per the client’s financial abilities.

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