Friday, December 18, 2009

Relocating to Central Valley

The large flat valley region of California, called the Central Valley is dominated by a warm Mediterranean climate. Made up of the Sacramento valley and San Joaquin valley, Central Valley is believed to have originated as an offshore area below the sea level. The flat valley floor contrasts the rugged hills that are common to other Californian areas. This perfect landscape provides very good agricultural conditions. The Central Valley contributes to 8 percent of California’s total agricultural produce.

The non tropical crops that are a primary source of the United States’ food products are grown in Central Valley. These crops include almonds, tomatoes, grapes, cotton, asparagus and apricots. The agriculture depends on water from the various interconnected canals and the groundwater from wells. Earlier, agriculture was concentrated around the delta as the water table levels were high and water transport was easy. Later on, the irrigation projects have made it possible to use various other lands in a productive way. The National Farm Workers Association was formed in the 1960s to improve the living conditions of farmers.

Though being the heart of Californian agricultural, a notable exception is seen in the economic development in the Sacramento valley region. The stable workforce created by the government and the current settlement of many private industrial organizations has taken the economy of Central Valley far ahead from agriculture. The development of highways and railroads has connected Central Valley with other areas. With access to an enormous coastal area, many industrial development companies are opening overseas markets in the Central Valley. The extensive transportation network has added to the fact that rural areas are also extremely rich in resources. The lower accommodation and community costs have seen many companies and individuals relocating to the Central Valley. The manufacturers in the Central Valley found the coastal and well linked rail and road network very convenient for them to move goods and employees.

With many industries drawing people into Central Valley, the place is also booming with real estate activity. The real estate agents and relocation service providers here offer very affordable services to all those relocating into Central Valley for the first time. The relocation service providers provide you with all necessary information about the place. They also provide information about realtors, mortgage firms, rental agencies, companies and corporate culture. The Valley and its residents are always ready to welcome new people to this agricultural County!

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