Thursday, December 17, 2009

Relocation Resources

Relocation is now a common scene. Many families and companies are relocating to areas suitable to them, be it a different city or a new country. With relocation happening everywhere, there are many relocation service providers making money by helping people move to new places. To be a part of the relocating service industry you will first have to determine whether you want to be just a moving agency or a relocation specialist. A moving agency offers help only in the process of moving out to the new place. They are involved with the physical transportation of the client’s goods in their relocation vehicle. But being a relocation specialist you are required to provide a wide range of services.

The services of a relocation specialist will include packing, moving, unpacking and also legal issues. You may also have to help your client to look for a new home in their new area and settle all paper work here in the origin city after selling their home. Relocation specialists are also expected to take care of all the legal paper work during international relocations. With such high expectations from relocation specialists, what resources do you have to acquire?

To begin your business as a relocation specialist, you will have to gain clients to provide relocation services and prove yourself to be a reliable service provider. For this you can have tie ups with many real estate agents. Realtors will have a wide spectrum of clients. By providing relocation services to their clients, you can begin your relocation business on a positive note. On gaining clients, it is essential to provide them with all the services expected from relocation specialists. To serve your clients, you must be prepared with all your relocation resources.

Packing is the first step in the process of relocation. As a relocation specialist, you must provide the client with all the packing material. You must pack the items as per their delicacy and assure its safety. You must take care that no item is damaged during relocation. You must supervise the packing process from the scratch and make sure no item is prone to damage. After packing, it is your responsibility to provide a relocation vehicle. The vehicle used must be big enough to transport all the household items in one move. You must ensure that the vehicle is in good condition and filled with fuel. The vehicle must be driven by a trustworthy driver. You must ensure that the vehicle reaches the new destination on the stipulated time. On reaching the destination, your workers should unload all the items and set them in the right place as guided by the client. You must insure the client on damage liability. It is also your responsibility to compensate for any damages. As an added advantage, you are also expected to have legal tie-ups with advocates and realtors to settle all legal issues of the clients.

Apart from the regular relocation resources, you must also have a good relocation team to assist you with your business. Your team must consist of reliable men who are friendly and who get along well with the customers. The team you select must be capable to handle situations and take decision to resolve any problems that arise during relocation. Always remember, it is your team that defines your business and you!!

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