Monday, April 12, 2010

What Is All That Buzz About Real Estate and Technology?

When I read this phrase for the first time I actually caught myself re-reading it, for I did not feel the full impact of the question until it sunk into my conscious. What has Technology got to do in Real estate? What can computers and technology do in real estate scenario other than being able to make a power point presentation with slides and other graphics to snooty clients about apartments and floor plans?

No, do not get me wrong, but one does not really associate realtors with search engine optimization or agents, careers in real estate technology or real estate professionals using real estate blogs and real estate websites using real estate technology to further their business in say areas like Sacramento or Roseville or Elk Grove or a Placerville or Yuba City which are not really the silicon valley areas of the country.

I am a little hard pressed to understand how and where did these two disparate sectors meet to synthesize and begin this whole new buzz of using social media in real estate or social media in real estate is the latest technology in real estate. How many times in the past have your friends with exposure to life in Yuba City or Placerville have suggested you to go to that facility or that drycleaners or that hair saloon? Today unknown citizens, except for the fact that you connected as a verified friend of a friend at a social media network like FaceBook or Twitter or Delicious or Diggs and who is also a resident of Placerville, provide you necessary online guidance almost akin to a GPRS or a Global Positioning System that will help you to go to the best restaurants as well as have a say in the place where you will leave in the new place you are moving to.

So powerful is the reach of the social networking media! Since they are so connected it is just a matter of time before a third removed friend of a contact on these networks will offer you advice and guidance about the best realtor you need to choose. In fact the realtors themselves are catching the bull by the horns and are themselves blogging vigorously and incessantly so as not to miss even a single prospect that would check into their real estate blogs to find the newsiest real estate deals, offers and other real estate activity.

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