Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sacramento’s real estate stories

The real estate stories doing the rounds in the city of Sacramento and the county is that of a gritty economy standing up against the low rates of recruiting of professional across all careers whether it is in Sacramento, Roseville, Elk Gove, Placerville or Yuba City. Real estate was at its all time peak at the beginning of the last decade. The economy crash of the early days of 2000 saw real estate blogs and real estate websites in the red and realtor Jobs and Agents receiving pink slips. Now a decade later in the early 2010 the down slide is at least arrested and has reached a mid-point whether the real estate rates have stabilized to a low plateau.

It is almost close to impossible that the realtors will be able to achieve the financial figures they had reached when the software industry was at its high in Cal and in San Francisco Bay area. Besides today’s price guidelines for buying are based on the prices of the first time home buyer. This can really depress the market players and there is a degree of stagnancy of real estate prices. The jobs realtors are now doing are being guided by the prompts and tweets they follow on the social media in real estate. They are using social media in Real estate related business relatively to create appealing content as well as to keep the information hungry users constant bytes of real estate happenings.

The effect of these social media is almost like a domino effect. If your friends’ friends’ dad picked up a place and he were tweet or post a positive review of his buy in any one of the social media like facebook or linkled or tweet or any of the online social networking websites, it spreads similar to word of mouth. This greatly influences the decision of the buyer if were to follow the thread in one of the fellow twitters posts about the viable buy at the Central Valley rather than in San Francisco Bay Area he is going to believe his friend and follow his friend than the dispassionate appeal of a real estate agent in far away Bay Area.

Thus technological revolution and the changes in the dynamics of real estate in the regions of Sacramento have influenced the trends in the residential or non-residential permits sought in this region. There have been peaks in the real estate prices, when employment rates were at their highest especially single-family residential permits and a slight increase in the multifamily residential properties.

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