Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Make an Offer That Benefits Your Purchase

They say, ‘when reality strikes, it strikes hard!’ Well, the same is true in the real estate market as well. While purchasing your home, you ask for the price only after you moderately like the house. But what if you fall in love with a particular house at the first look only to learn later that the price of the home is much beyond your budget? Will you simply walk out disappointed? If you have a smart realtor, he won’t let you do so. Come to think of it! You can negotiate the price of the house with the seller and your smart realtor will back you up!

While negotiating, remember to make a reasonable offer for the property. Here are some guidelines for making offers on the purchase price:

· It is important that you analyze the current real estate market standings before you zero in a price. The price you offer must be in proportion to the real estate prices prevailing in that area. Also, try and get information about how much other buyers are ready to pay for the same property. If the seller is badly in need of money and if your or your realtor is quick enough to identify that, you can make a good deal.

· Watch out for hidden risks. This may involve risks with the property or the seller. To spot hidden risks in the property you can get a professional house inspector to inspect the property before you make an offer. You can negotiate your offer based on the reports from the house inspector. You can also check with the local government for files on the seller to know about his tax returns and his adherence to legal issues.

· No seller will settle for a deal that deviates way too large from the original price. If you can make an offer close to the original property price, you can make a lucrative investment in real estate. You can also negotiate the home warranty with the seller.

· Offer the seller to shoulder some of the costs at closing. Make an offer to be more diplomatic in the purchase price if the seller offered financial assistance with closing the deal.

Your realtor will help you in negotiating a profitable deal that is satisfying to the seller and thus helping you purchase your dream home.

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