Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brightening your home

Whenever you see a home, the first thing that strikes you about it is its color. ‘Color is an important expression of a home owners personality’, say experts. When speaking to realtors you will know that a color scheme often plays a huge role in the decision of home buyers. Colors can give a variety of signals to a prospective buyer which could be from anything like happy, bright and cheerful to much darker ones. Color choices are changing greatly now with people opting for a number of choices other than taupe or white.

Color to excite the senses

If you have taken the virtual tour on this site, you may have come across a number of homes. Roseville, Placerville, Yuba City and elk grove are among popular homes in the real estate market of Sacramento. When picking a home, now people no longer look for simple drab browns or charcoals that stand alone in a cold landscape. Lime green, aquamarine and violets all compete for attention in the current scenario. The super cool choices today are the bright and new shades that add to the texture as well as a feeling of comfort and luxury to your home.

The social media in real estate are declaring bright and vibrant colors to be the phenomenal choices. Adding flashes of vivid color and having well textured beddings, curtains and wall coverings help make the home a heartier and more cheerful living area for every owner.

By using minimal backgrounds, people are now able to introduce the odd flash of color and are willing to experiment with textures to give a slight taste of opulence here and there in their choices without being loud or going overboard on it.

Blending in with the interiors

Colors are arranged in tones or families of tones of five so that there is an over all coherence in the look that is obtained. You can blend in the color of your walls to match your curtains, furniture, bedding and tapestries to give your home a powerful and stunning new look

When choosing your color, make sure that you observe it in different lighting schemes so you will know how your home will look during the daytime as well as the night. Dark to medium colors are visually attractive and serve to appear to make the ceiling appear lower to give your home a cozy feel. Choose a happy and cheerful color that makes you feel comfortably at ease for your living room!

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