Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do I Need A Real Estate Agent?

Selling a home or buying one can be quite a process. It’s important that you plan and have a clear idea of the type of home you want to buy or sell, market prices and paperwork involved. You also need to know many things such as ‘closing’, getting the best price, selling your house and buying a new one simultaneously .This may prove to be a tiresome task if you do not know how to go about it. There are two main ways to do it, with an agent or without a real estate agent.

Knowing the value of your home and the changing prices is vital, as is a willingness to negotiate. Sale price can be higher than the market price by ten to fifteen percent in a good market; in a bad one it may be closer to the appraisal. Having a real estate agent how knows the ropes and can negotiate his way to a good price while making the buyer believe he is getting a good deal can help make the whole process easier.

A home inspection is also important while your sale is on. The seller will get an impression and more importantly you can discover flaws if any during the pre-sale period and set them right or negotiate around them with the help of a good agent. It is important that you know the disclosure laws for your state so that you can work out a good deal for the sale.

Patience is essential. It is true that a home can go ‘stale’ after being in the market for too long. A stale sale can also occur when a seller is expecting unrealistic prices or is in too much off a rush to sell the home. Both of which will not yield good results.

Keep your house in the market as long as you find an affordable new home. Otherwise paying two mortgages can be heavy on the pocket. Bridge loans are however available. These loans allow you a down payment based on the home equity of the property on sale. You have good resources at hand to make maximize use of and thus your selling process becomes all the more easier. A well experienced real estate agent can help make this tiresome process happen seamlessly taking care of the paperwork and the details involved. To find yourself a good realtor or a good deal on your buying and selling options visit

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