Monday, January 4, 2010

Question Yourself Before You Relocate on the Career Front

You may want to relocate to a different part of the country or out of the country for better career opportunities and growth. But making the decision on whether or not to relocate is not very easy. To settle in the new place you will have to start from the scratch by finding a new job and a new home. Are you prepared to relocate irrespective of what you leave behind in the origin home, only to begin a new life at a new place? Are you ready to leave your city and find a new job for a lesser pay only to live in a new place? Not sure? Read on. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you finally decide on relocating.

There may be a lot of job opportunities in the new city you want to relocate. But are these openings in your field? Make sure you do a complete research on the local job openings and the hiring patterns in the new city before you pack your bags.

The cost of living in your origin city perfectly matched your income and expense pattern. But will this continue in the new city? Compare the cost of living in the new city and the salary you expect to earn from your new job. If the comparison is favorable to your income and expenditure pattern, then consider relocating.

If you are willing to relocate to a bigger city where the job opportunities and career growth is better than your origin city, then you must know that the competition will also be more there. Are you capable of handling the stress and survive in the fast moving city?? But if you are relocating to a smaller town, you must be among those people who will be motivated by the calm atmosphere.

You are now taking a quick drive to work in your origin city. But in the city you are willing to relocate, you may have to rely on the public transport to commute to the work place. Are you among those who can take up the trouble of using public transport to be on time to office every single day? Think about it…

However, if you are married, you will also have to think about the career of you partner. Are you confident that your spouse will also find a job that suits him/her in the new city? Will your spouse be willing to relocate if he/she is not satisfied with the job offer?

The decision of relocation is not just the city you want to move into. It is also related to the work culture of that place and your ability to adjust to the new environment!

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